Not long ago I found out that my mother-in-law is going to be mother of a baby boy. I just can’t wait, I kind of like little babies, actually more than 10-11 years ago, and that’s because of my nephew, Denis. He is my favourite and even if I’m not supposed to say this, he is the one I get along with. I have participated in his growing and education, so I am pretty proud of me. Going back to babies, I have seen that clothes for boys are fewer. Besides, clothes for girls are so many!

Still, on Popreal website I have found a lot of clothing, even for him and her, little princes and princesses. And they have good prices, so each one of us can make a surprise for his own child or pretty gifts. There are multiple choices, clothes for winter or for summer, and the sizes, colours and materials are as you wish.

Because the hot season is near and I have a feeling that we are going to get to the seaside even sooner than we thought, I have searched for baby girl bathing suits for my niece and I have found some pieces that have stolen my heart. Yes, she is older, not a baby anymore, but as I said, there are many sizes, even for 5 years children. I love the swimbath suit with dots, it reminds me pf Minnie. I think that a girl who loves Minnie will appreciate it even more. Let’s not forget about the flamingo suit it’s so childish! As you see, I like childish clothes, I think they will have a lot of time for fancy clothes.

Regarding elegant clothes, because we need them too, I will go for tutu! I asked for baby girl tutu dress and I have found some skirts and dresses that I would love, too! Especially for I have an obssesion for tulle skirts! They are so beautiful and delicate, just as a ballerina. The Christmas dress (even it is almost summer, but I like pretty much the combination of colours) or the set with skirt and hair accesory are just awesome.

Girl’s clothes are a lot more than the ones for boys and Popreal website is an example. That’s because girls wear skirts, dresses, and any kind of accesories, in a lot of colours. Boys are more serious, it’s more difficult. What do you think? Do you agree?

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