Are you planning to buy shapewear but are still confused about finding the right product for you? Don’t worry, almost every woman has experienced the same problem when buying shapewear for the first time. Before your fingers click the buy button, it’s a good idea to read the curated guide below so you don’t spend your money on the wrong product!

Shapewear has become a go-to item for women to instantly smooth the silhouette and shape hourglass curves. Technological advances and innovation in the fashion industry have made it possible for shapewear to become increasingly comfortable, even for wearing every day. Now, the types and designs of shapewear have become more diverse. That is an advantage to cover the different shaping needs of each woman, but on the other hand, it is a challenge to determine which is the best shapewear that you should buy. So, how to choose?

1. Determine Your Purpose For Wearing ShapewearShapewear is not only worn for aesthetic purposes but also for health. Some people may wear them to speed recovery after surgery, prevent back pain and improve posture. In a fashion perspective, shapewear is worn to get a contouring effect and achieve an hourglass body instantly. Most women wear shapewear as undergarments to flatten the stomach, slim the waistline, lift the buttocks and smooth out the silhouette so that their figure fits perfectly in the dress. Additionally, modern shapewear can also be worn as a versatile outfit that will flatter your look on various occasions.

2. Get To Know Your Body Type And Shape

Different body shapes result in different shaping needs. So that the shapewear you wear can work more effectively, you should focus on the trouble spots that you want to improve. Don’t worry, trusted brands like Shapellx offer the best shapewear that can meet the different shaping needs of women’s diverse body shapes. The main vision is the same, creating flawless silhouettes that will make women love themselves more and be confident.

3. Choose The Right Type Of Shapewear

Shapewear comes in a variety of types and features. If you know your shaping needs, it will be easier to determine what type of shapewear is best for you. Apart from affecting the effectiveness of the results, choosing the right type of shapewear will increase your comfort when wearing it.

If you want a flat stomach and a perfectly curved waistline, you can try a tummy shaper. It is the most popular type of shapewear among women. If you don’t feel confident because of sagging buttocks, choose shapewear with butt lifter feature which can tighten and shape adorable bubble buttocks. For health purposes, it’s a good idea to choose shapewear with bones or one that provides a detachable belt for comfortable compression. Meanwhile, stylish bodysuits and shapewear dresses are legit choices for fashion.

4. Get The One Made From High Quality Materials

It is important to check the materials used by the brand. Only the best quality materials allow shapewear to become a tight garment that is comfortable and effective for sculpting your body. Shapellx is one of the popular brands that prioritizes quality materials and comfort. Hence, they only use premium quality and environmentally friendly fabrics.

Ideally, shapewear should be breathable, smooth and light so that it is comfortable to wear all day. Make sure the fabric is flexible and strong enough to support the compression without restricting your movement.

5. Match The Shapewear Design To Your Outfit

There is an essential point that you must remember if you plan to wear shapewear as an undergarment to complement your appearance. Match the shapewear design to the clothes you wear, so both your figure and your dress will stay flawless even when you’re sitting.

Shapewear should flatter your appearance instead of ruining it. So, make sure it is hidden well under your dress and hugs your body comfortably. Choose backless shapewear when you wear a dress with an open back design. It’s also important to choose seamless shapewear that won’t leave marks or streaks on your dress.

6. Choose The Right Shapewear Size

Of course, just like when you buy your jeans, you also have to choose the right size when buying shapewear. Pay attention to the detailed measurements provided by the seller and match them to your body size. The best decision is to go with the size you usually use. Don’t think about going down a size as it’s not a good idea. Shapewear that is too small will make your body uncomfortable and create bulges instead of smoothing out your trouble spots.

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