Piercings are one of my passions. I have several earrings in my ears, but not only. I also have a pierce in my brow and my tongue. And I have always wanted a helix piercing, but I was too afraid to make it myself. And when I have decided I wanted one, I didn’t find anywhere to get it. It is a sensitive zone, not very easy. There is not meat and skin, it is a cartilage, which is very painful if you get pierced. Yeah, it’s not like the lip or the belly, because you don’t have too many nerves there. But still, it’s bad.

You should take care about the new pierce, because it is possible to make an infection. You must take all the measures you can to prevent it. One of these I guess it is bounded by the material you choose for your piercing. Forget about alloy, silver or fashion earrings! Try stainless steel, titanium or gold. They have smaller risks. I have found some pretty nice titanium earrings on Nihaojewellery website and  am pretty sure I will order some pairs. They fit very well as helix pierces, but also as usual earrings.

They have a variety of models and you can choose from different types of materials. Don’t play with the pierce once you’ve done it! Let it heal for a while and take good care of im with saline solution. It is a good way to prevent infections. Try to remove the crust once it’s made. If you get off it by accident, you might risk a bleeding. Take extra care, it is an exposed zone, so you have to protect it.

For my eyebrow and my tongue I have choosen stainless steel pierces. I get good with them, I once put a silver earring and got a pretty bad infection. That’s why you need to know your body very good. Don’t you think once the place is healed, you can put alloy earrings! No way! You can find pretty fashion earrings, but only for your ears.

So f you want some fashion jewelleries, you can find them on the website. Even if we are talking about earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings, you can find them all here! And not only, you cand find some women clothing, watches, bags or swimwears. What is better that find anything you need in one place? Not even mention the prices, which are very small. So, visit the website! You will have plenty of surprises and sales.

6 Replies to “Do you like piercings? What kind of earrings do you use?

  1. piercing? Nope. Port doar aia doi cercei pe gaurile de mi le-au facut cand eram prea mica sa protestez. Imi plac cerceii rotunzi, mai mari. Chiar daca lumea zice ca persoanele rotunde si grasune la fata ar trebui sa ii evite, mie mi se pare ca astia imi vin cel mai bine.

  2. I used to have several earrings in my ears (8, to be more precise), but in the last few years I told myself that it’s time for me to act like a lady and have only 2 earrings, as many women do. But that doesn’t mean I don’t buy earrings like crazy :)). I actually have a beautiful collection and still adding new pairs ^_^.

    1. 8???!!! wow! i wouldn’t say that 😀 you don’t look the type. i am still on that way, even if I have lady moments, i won’t give up at my piercings

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