Hello everybody! Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about Fanka leggings. I know I have showed you them on social media, but now I want to talk more about them. Fanka is a fabricnology (Fabric + Technology)-oriented apparel brand and wants to make you feel better when you train. Gym can be hard, but when you wear the right fit, you feel so much confortable! That’s why they have developed three types of clothes and accessories  – Body Sculpt, Beyond Nude and Pet Hair Free. I’ve got a pair of Body Sculpt leggings and a pair of Pet Hair Free leggings. I really like their tops, too, so I am thinking serious about getting at least one. Especially they are pretty affordable.

 Body Sculpt leggings

I think they are really awesome! I have chosen a size M and a violet colour. They have double sided wear, a high rise for better tummy control and they shape your curves. They feel so soft! I just love the fabric and the pattern. Gives you a 360° tummy tuck compression and you don’t feel it too tight. Also, the bum is lifted by 15°. The material is high-density, so the underwear won’t be visible!

Pet Hair Free leggings

These are even better! They help me a lot, because I have a dig and most of my clothes are covered in hair. So these leggings are perfect! The fabric is also smooth and it also has pockets! This helps a lot, especially when you have a key from the locker, for example. This fabric is scratch resistant and you won’t sweat in it. These leggings are awesome, I feel perfect in them and they have medium rise, so the tummy keeps at its place. I have chosen a black size M and I am happy about it! Couldn’t have chosen better!

These leggings from Fanka are awesome for gym or for home training. You look better and you feel better. I don’t sweat that much and I love the fact no one can see my underwear. This was really a problem when I went to gym with regular leggings. But I love these two pairs, I think they are awesome! Do you plan to train more this year? I am planning to stay more outside and move more. And of course, buy myself more Fanka leggings and tops, because I feel better and I look better!

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