I think that what I actually wanted to ask you was if you agree with wigs or not. Would you wear such an item? Do you approve them? Or you don’t want to see them at all? Funny, because a lot of people wear at least extensions, but most of them would choose wigs to have the long and desirable hair cut, without doing any dramatical changes. And I agree with them. I would gladly choose a wig to change my colour and my haircut, without having to do it for real.

I have found a pretty awesome website, it is called www.cocowig.com and it has a variety of patterns. I don’t have a straight hair, but neither a curly one. So I must own a lot of hairdressing equipments to do it in a way. I don’t like my waivy hair, almost every time I want it straight or very curly. And by using the hairstylers, I damage my hair. Why? Because they work with excessive heat, that damages the hair. And even when I use hair dye, it has the same effect. Even if it has no ammonia, you should know that your hair is best without interfering over it. So I don’t know if I should think too much about how many bad things have I done.

I have found here a better way to get my hair done with a minimum impact – https://www.cocowig.com/curly-wigs-c120886/. This is how I want my hair to look, healthy and strong, with perfect ends and to last for a long time. I think these wigs are perfect for a special ocasion or even for every day. You’ll certainly look goergeous with any model. And it is very easy to put and to take it off.

I have also found some special extensions with synthetic hair, perfect for me. They have crazy colours and I can use them every day to change my appearance and to match it with my outfit.

wigsI love the idea of getting some wigs. I think it is very important for a woman to know how to change without doing anything extreme. So, what do you do to look different?

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