Hello, everyone! It seems like day after day I find a nice website with awesome dresses. This time it is about Ever Pretty, a store that sels dresses for more than 10 years. They seem to have so many fashionable and quality things, so I got in love with some items from their website. I really love their dresses and I have found here a lot of models, beside of what I can get in phisical stores. From formal dresses for women to short summer dresses, everything is here!

From summer dresses….

I really love this kind of dress, off-shoulder and a little bit wider. I don’t like my clothes to be too tight. And more in summer, when it is so hot, you really need some comfortable things. This type of dress can be worn with sport shoes or even sandals. It is up to you how do you accesorize it.

I adore this gingham dress. It looks so good and rockstyle with a pair of boots. Yeah, I know, it might seem a bit to hot, but it gives you a pretty interesting look.

… to cheap homecomig dresses

I love this off-shoulder dress, it looks amazing with high heels and a little purse. Even if I am not a big fan of floral print, I guess it makes you look really sexy when you know how to combine it.

And even if it’s a weird year and I can’t think at any upcoming events, I think it would be fine to buy at least one long elegant dress. Just in case… you know! I think we all have to have an elegant dress in our wardrobe. And I think I have only short ones, so it really has to be long and princess-style! And what colour do you think it would fit me better?

On Ever Pretty I have found so many dresses at great prices, so I think I’d better place an order as soon as possible. It is already the middle of the summer and we should be well-dressed with every ocassion. What do you think about my choices? Do you like any of them?

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