There are several types of humans in our world. Some of them like staying in the house, on the couch in front of TV. Other rather go outside, hunting, fishing, doing several sports or just running. For all those persons there is a great website where you can find not only clothing, but also accesories anf footwear. On Wayrates you can find tactical clothing and all kind of stuff you need for a day / week / month in the nature. Combining fashion with comfort, the clothes from this store are extremely practical and they fit for every climate, environement or surrounding. They are not only made for outdoors activities, but also for walking or having a night out. Here are some great stuff you cand find on this website:


So many choices, from retro to modern. Also, from different brands to different patterns. I have just found some awesome shirts that I could wear myself. But they fit great on a nice man body! So… if you know you are well-shaped, from your training in nature, of course, do not hesitate.

Cargo Pants

These are some comfortable and practical type of pants. Tactical cargo pants have a lot of pockets and you can take with you a lot of stuff. I also have 2 or 3 pairs of this type, so they fit also on women. They can be on different colors and different kind of material, more resistant or quick dry or something.


On Wayrates you can find a lot of useful things for your travels and adventures outdoors. I have found a practical bag with a lot of pockets, where you can put food, water, also a lot of things you might need in a long journey. It is very easy to carry and you can find it at a good price.

I have also enjoyed for a stylished man a fashioned belt or a great bracelet. Any kind of accesories that make you look like a well-dressed person. But also without losing you bad-boy looks. So, there are a lot of models you can choose from at good prices.

As you can see, Wayrates is more a shop for men. But women also can find some great stuff for nature activities here. I would recommed them because of the free shipping over a specific value, for the 10% off for the first order, for the easy returns and for the great products and the unique items, that you do not find in phisical stores.

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