We have a lot of events during a whole year, therefore we have to be dressed according to them. I like to have a lot of elegant dresses in my closet, for a much easier choice when the time comes. During the time, I have chosen short dresses, but now I have a passion for the long ones. Actually, I also like extravagant models, so I try to get something different. I don’t like to have the same outffit as other women. I know, it’s silly, but I have always been like that.

If you want to shine at a party, cocktail or at an important event – wedding or something like that, you should really take a look on Promshopau, where you can find clothes for all the occasions. I really love their evening dresses and I have seen some pretty stuff in here. They have prom dresses, wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, I mean, like everything. So I have chosen two dresses, both long and made by chiffon, an easy material. Both dresses will impress and you can choose some confortable shoes, because nobody will see them. If you want to gain some cm in plus, you should choose high heels. It looks spectacular, even if you won’t be so confortable.

If you are a bride and you are looking for the perfect dress, you should know Promshopau has this kind of dresses. The prices are very good, think about how much it costs a fancy dress in your local stores. I don’t think you’re going to do a better deal! Plus, in those there aren’t so many options. You also save some time, because you just click a few times and voila! It’s all done. And about the sizes… please, don’t worry! Just check very carefully the measure table and all will be just perfect.

How often do you buy a dress? Last year I had a crisis and now I realise I have a lot of short dresses in my wardrobe. Maybe 2018 will be the year of long dresses, who knows?

Which is you kind of favourite dress? Long or short?

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