Hello, girlz! Winter holidays are coming, so I hope you have bought all the presents you need. If not, what are you waiting for? There is less than a week until Christmas, so you would better hurry, because you need to have something for everyone to put under the tree. Even we are talking about gifts for our beloved ones, for co-workers or friends, we need to find something proper for everyone. You are women, so it must be easier to find cute presents for everybody. I think the present for other women should be even easier. Why? Because we already know what we would like to receive. So all we have to do is adapt! But you will also need to find something more about everyone’s desires. Are we talking about women? Well, let me tell you something – a woman loves a bag! All types of bags, actually!

1. Buy a crossbody bag!

This type of bag is extremely adaptable and can be used by everyone. Most of all, you can wear it at all kind of outfits. Even if you dress office or casual, this type of bag should be proper for it. You can find such bags in a lot of colors, styles and most important, you can find leather bags, with great strength. How about a fury bag? I just love the next one, in black, white and grey.

2. Try a cute backpack

I had to show you this little one white crossbody bag. It is actually a backpack, a rabittish one 😀 It is so fury and precious, that anyone will actually adore it! I would recommend it for teenagers and young girls. They will certainly appreciate it!

3. Or perhaps you would rather like a bigger bag?

Yeah, I think most women like big bags, where to put a lot of stuff. Personally, I don’t, but we are talking here about your friends or familly. And nothing is prettier than a red crossbody bag or a handbag. It would be perfect for phone, make-up, a notebook, keys, wallet, hand cream, some unpredictable stuff… and half of the house :))

If you are in a hurry with the gifts, please, make a choice fast and get something. If you are ok with everything and you are a woman, tell me… wouldn’t you need a new bag? Like a present for yourself!

5 Replies to “What kind of bag addict are you?

  1. Crossbody bag is my type since ever!! 😀
    Tho, I bought myself some other type of bags too, but I kinda come back to the crossbody every single time. I have to admit that the fluffy rabbit backpack is kinda cute ^_^.

  2. I’m not really a bag addict, but I like bags. My favorites are the medium size crossbody bags. Talking about colors, most part of my bags are black because they are so easy to match with all kind of outfits.

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