I am not a very big fan of tea. But sometimes, mostly in cold season, I like to grab a cup of flavoured tea and get myself in a cozy place with a book in my hand.I don’t use to drink my tea with sugar, I like to enjoy its taste. And when I discover a variety I like… I can’t get enough! I tried green tea, black tea, red tea – rooibos, and I have always been looking for premium chinese tea. I like to get something good, not very expensive, but something to amaze me. On Chinesetea4u I have found a variety of tea – green, oolong, black, flower and pu’erh.

I have been pretty intrigued when I found out about pu’erh tea. What is that??? In China, it s a very popular variety of tea. In th West, it is recent discovered. Also known as “old tea”, it is a type that is not like any other one. As you can say, the older, the better. This type of tea comes only from Yunnan. Pu’erh tea is also called “The tea of life”. That’s because it has stronger effects and a high Qi – this is “the energy of life”. The four main domains of production are Xishuangbanna, Pu’er (Simao), Lincang and Baoshan. Pu’er region has the oldest tea trees, with wide leaves – “Yunnan Large Leaf”.A special variety of pu’erh tea is Golden Bud Cake, which is a fermented tea. It is selled in 100 g portions and the tea obtained from it is a ruby red – chestnut red, which is supposed to be an excellent color for an old tea. I am pretty interested in this kind of tea, because it’s not bitter or astrngent, but sweet, slippery and smooth.

Pu’erh tea is considered a great digestive and it is consumed especially during or after copious meals. Many studies have shown that pu’erh tea lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and increases metabolic rate. It has an excellent influence on you wellbeing!

So if you want to replace coffee or to drink something special , pu’erh might be the right choice for you. I am pleased by the website, Chinesetea4u because the prices are affordable and you can be sure there is quqlity tea. Every single cup will be a hole new experience!

6 Replies to “What kind of tea do you drink?

  1. sunt mare fan ceai si beau cam tot ce prind, chiar am incercat si chinezesti si mi se pare interesante..sunt diferite de cele de la noi dar bune

  2. I did not know about pu’erh tea till now. I usually drink green tea and forest fruit tea, but I am always curious about new things on the market.

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