It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but the coldest also. Winter is right here and the temperature has dropped pretty well in the last month. Actually, we had a little snow, too, but I hope to get more by Christmas. Even if it will be snow or not, I think we should get some proper winter clothes. I just found a pretty online store, it’s called BerryLook and I have found here a lot of stuff at very good prices. If we are talking about women clothing online, well, this is the right place for you. Everybody’s searching for offers, so you will be pleased to find out that they have up to 80% off at various items. Also, when you by for 109$, you save 20$.

Why shopping on BerryLook?
  • because here you can find clothes for her, bur also for him
  • because all the clothes are at affordable prices
  • because you can do very good deals. The more you buy, the bigger the discount
  • because here you can find also shoes, not only clothes
  • because you have stuff for summer and winter

Here are some nice women’s long winter coats I have found on BerryLook.

This one looks so warm and comfortable, I could go anywhere with it! It looks just right for outdoor walkings or for work stuff, even for a friend meeting. It’s more like a cozy outfit, whatever you wear it with jeans and a jumper or a skirt and a fancy blouse. I like also the combination of colors, the black and white style is just my type!

This one is more like a long sweater, cozy and warm in every ocassion. I think this one could be worn even in a closed space, for extra coziness. I even love the color, it is neutral and suitable for every day. I can see myself dressed like this and I really love the idea!

The last one is a little more feminine. It’s a girly coat, with a pleasant color – dark wine. It is very elegant and it is more for oficial parties or meetings. I mean, I don’t see this going well with a pair of sneakers. Not at all. At least try wearing a skirt and some heels, it would look great!

As you can see, BerryLook has a lot of pretty winter coats, but not only. Please check more in the website and tell me what do you like. Which item is your favourite?

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