As you know already, I am a huge fan of casual-sport style. I don’t like very much to dress elegant if I don’t have to. On ocasssions, yes, I can see that point, but if it’s about every day, I get myself dressed with some jeans and a T-shirt and it looks ok to me. Because of that, my wardrobe is full of T-shirts, simple or printed. But I have never had a custom T-shirt. And I can say there are a lot of options, you can personalize it yourself, with the desired printing or font. But let me tell you something about an awesome shop I have found – okTSHIRT. If we are going to talk about custom T-shirts, that’s the place you need to visit.

Why custom T-shirts?

Well, mostly because they look awesome. Second, because you can customize them as you wish. If you have a favorite character, a favorite quote or a favorite print, you can add them to your clothes. I mean, that stuff with “It took me xx years to look so good” is awesome for a birthday person! And yes, you can do a custom T-shirt order, with the desired size, color, font or numbers. That is possible on okTSHIRT, this is a bussiness founded by Liliana and Christian, two young people with beautiful ideas. I appreciate very much the fact that they put quality on the first place.

Where can you wear a personalized T-shirt?

Anywhere you want! Not at the office if you need to dress formally, of course. But despite that, you can wear it at parties, on the street, at a meeting with your friends, in the club. Everybody will admire your special printing. In fact, this is all about – to be unique. No one will have a T-shirt like yours or even slighlty alike.

Who will appreciate this kind of T-shirt designs?

I think this kind of custom T-shirts go very well for a birthday person. Born in October, January king or queen, or stuff like that, are pretty and will be worn because their meaning. These clothes would be awesome also for fresh parents. I am sure they are very proud about their child and they could sing it to the whole world. Why not, your mother would be also pleased to see how you express your love for her in such a visible way. And I even see them great to alleviate homesickness. I mean, these kind of printing as below, I think they will show everyone how pround you are about your country.

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes”

I really like this motto and I am ok with it. I mean, if you don’t get your own style, you will never be observed. So please let your imagination flow and get yourself some pretty clothes! You can choose from multiple T-shirt colors or designs. You can place your order very fast, printing your own photo, design, model, text or message. In fact, besides T-shirts, you can find baby wear or super fancy aprons. So if you have a friend obsessed with cooking, this would be an awesome gift for him/her.

Also, the prices are affordable and you get your T-shirt pretty fast. They deliver in UK, but also internationally. They also have social media pages, so you can find there a lot of models and printings, also.

Why order on okTSHIRT?

– the quality is very good, they do DTG (direct to garment ) printing. So the printing will last a lot of time being impregnated in the garment and not on the top

– prices are good, you can make a beautiful gift without giving all your money. No way! And if you have a local bussiness and you want a collaboration, you will get some pretty affordable proposals

– delivery – in every part of the world. Yes, it might take some time, but be sure to give your order in time

– variety – there are a lot of models, it will be pretty difficult to choose. But I am sure things will go out well and the person who will get it it will be very pleased.

Make sure you get a custom T-shirt, because it is a nice way to say something about you in few words, only by images. Choose a special quote, a special message, show your love to the world. Get your custom T-shirt from okTSHIRT and you will be happy!


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