I know very well that each season has its own style and you should dress according to the weather and trends. But most of all, I think you should dress as you like and for you to feel comfortable. I love fall because it is not too hot and not too cold. The weather is just fine, you do cannot wear anymore t-shirts, but you also do not have to wear a thick jacket either. It is the season of coziness, of light jumpers or nice shoes. So you can combine all the clothes you have, dress in layers and with all colors. Although, there are some items you should not miss, because these are in trends. You can find women’s fashion clothing on Holapick, a nice website where there are plenty of clothes, shoes and accesories.

Here are so many items for fall, from tops to bottoms and also dresses. Also, you have a huge section of Halloween, where you can find a lot of holiday items. I just love all of them, I cannot decide to only a few things. But most of all, on Holapick you can find fall fashion tops of all kinds. Cannot waot to show you what have I found. Here are some of the most wanted.

Casual Cotton Plaid V-neck Long Sleeve Top

I just love tops like this, shirts alike. I also love the plaid print, it seems so right in every fall. Also, it lookks great on different color combinations. I mean, it looks great on red, because it is fall’s color, but it also looks great on blue combination.

Fashion casual ladies high neck sweater

This is the type of sweater perfect for colder days. I just love that it is so fluffy, but yet so warm. It is available also on other colors, if you don’t like white or just need something more colorful.

Dog Paw Print Sweatshirt

I have noticed on Holapick a lot of tops with dogs and cats and I have to say I love them. I also have a dog, so every item with his paws is awesome for me.

Which are your choices for this fall? What type of tops would you wear and what do you need most? I guess I’d like a sweater-dress for events or simply just for warm day walks.

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