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How to choose an awesome engagement ring

If you feel lucky and you want to do the big step and ask her to marry you, you might need help with choosing the right engagement ring. I know it’s not easy, you can’t decide to the right model and you are afraid if she doesn’t like what you choose. Perhaps you should go for a much simple ring, not too glamorous or with too many stones. I can give you some simple advices for choosing the right ring and making her happy.

  1. Try to find out what she likes

It’s much easier to ask her or to observe what kind of rings she wears. If she’s a classy girl or she is more casual style, I would recommend you to choose opal engement rings and more precisely, a classic ring. Try something with a small stone, maybe a small and delicate ring, too.

2. You cand go shopping with her too

Not to buy efectively the ring, but just to make a research. Take her to a jewellery store and see what she’s into. Maybe she chooses opal wedding bands and why not give her such an engagement ring? Something colorful, something she can enjoy and she really loves. The prices aren’t so high, it’s an engagement ring after all, not a proper wedding ring. Ok, it is special, but don’t spend all your money on it, you’ll need them later.

3. Choose a ring similar to what she already has

Maybe she has a lot of rings, so the decision should be easy. If she likes multicolored stones, choose such a ring. If she likes simple silver rings, try that one. If she has some pretty special rings, try moonstone engagement rings, especially a set of two. This set is absolutely lovely and I think every woman would love it.

As you see, it’s not thet difficult to choose a proper ring. In fact, men do their life harder because they want to impress, but they don’t have the courage to ask directly women what they like. Maybe in this way there would’t be so many argues on the subject. Engagement rings are easy to choose, you just have to observe the woman in front of you and take notices!


21 iulie 2019 at 16:52

I like your choices. 🙂

Valeria Chertes
21 iulie 2019 at 20:01

Sunt superbe inelele.

Cristina Dragomir
21 iulie 2019 at 22:43

Thank you for your advice. All men should read this post if they want to choose engagement rings that can be refused by their parteners.

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