Even if weddings are actually about the bride and the groom, I think an important role is played by the bridesmaide. Or bridesmaids. It is very common to have at least 3 bridesmaids at your wedding and dress them in the same way. Of course, you can let them choose their own dress, but it would be nicer to be the same design and color. If you want unique dress styles, then you should maybe take care of this thing and do it yourself, on your own money. Not everyone has enoguh money to do that, so maybe you should contribute to it. I have seen on Angrila some fabulous dresses and you can get along with the style they want, then buy it for your bridesmaids.

If you (or the bridesmaids) rather midi dresses, I have found some awesome models here. The asimetric A-line is pretty and it fits almost everyone. If you do not like the satinated dress, you can choose lace instead. I think this is a formal type of dress, for serious people. For childish women, I think the last one fits very well. I just love tutu skirts and this type of 2 pieces looks amazing! Tutu combined with lace, what else can you ask? I think it also fits on romantic persons. And the turqoise skirt is pretty calming.

If the bridesmaids choose short dresses, I also recommend lace and off-shoulder. I just love this kind of blouses or dresses and they are in tendencies. I think it is nothing hotter than a piece of your skin unveiled, but not in a sexual way. The shoulders are pretty intriguing and I think the combination with flower wreaths looks great. I also like simple lace dresses. Don’t you think pink looks good on almost everything? I like colors, because I think white should be reserved for the bride. Check out also bespoke bridal dresses, they are awesome!

Last, but not least, are long dresses. I just love them! I think they hide what you want and need to hide, but you can also accentuate what you have more beautiful. Even if we are talking about lace, satin or 2 pieces, all combinations are good. I like darker colors for this type of dresses, but they look pretty also on light shades. But certainly, it looks better on a dark blue or black.

Don’t forget to search for mother dresses. After all, their children are getting married, so they need to be awesome! Something more serious, but colorful. The wedding must be perfect! And even if you say that it is important that everyone feels good, it is also important how you dress. Let’s face it, you want to be admired! And this can happen in the right dress!

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