Hello, my dear! Even if it’s just March, I really hope the weather will improve next weeks and will be hotter. I am kind of tired of winter, even if I like snow and cold, but this year is overreacting, so I really need some sun and joy. I am getting tired of sweaters and jackets and I would really like a lot a T-shirt or a nice dress. Ok, I know it’s not summer already, but I could skip the thick jacket with a leather jacket and some awesome sport shoes. I know I have to wait some more months to get into my swimming suit, but it’s good to have perspectives.

Meanwhile, I have to clean up my wardrobe, to decide which clothes I keep and which I don’t. I have bought a lot of stuff that I don’t wear and these fullfill my wardbrobe pointless. So, what to do? Well… I will keep some jeans, some shirts and some blouses, but this winter I haven’t wore any sweaters. So why keep them? Don’t you think it’s better to make place for something new? For example, I have found the latest hot sexy party dresses which I will need, because I have three weddings this year. And, my dear, I know you know how though it is. You want to be the prettiest, have the perfect dress and the perfect shoes. Yeah.. who doesn’t? On Yoins I have found some pretty awesome dresses which I would love to wear.

I have made a passion for off-shoulder dresses and I really love these lace ones. But even if you don’t have such a fancy event, you still have to take attitude with your style. I would love to see you with something elegant, like a conic skirt and a delicate blouse. You can find here fashion ladies blouses online. I think you will absolutely find something on your taste!

I hope you enjoy my choices! I am trying to experiment some feminine clothes and I would really love to succed! How about you? What is your style? What do you like to wear?

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