If you are a mother, then you obviously want the best for your child. If you are a girl’s mother, then you clearly have multiple options to dress and accesorize her or to get matching sets. There are a lot more options for girls than for boys when it comes to clothing. For little ones you can find some printings with their favorite character, but that’s almost all. For girls, you have unicorns, donuts, princesses, castles, horses and all kind of flowers. Plus, they have long hair, so you can have a lot of accesories. Not to mention jewelery or children make-up. I have also found cute baby clothes for girls on Popopieshop. Gosh, aren’t those little stuff awesome? They are so tiny, you wouldn’t imagine everyone has been so small once in their life. Even the biggest bad boys was a little mamma’s boy.

On Popopieshop I have found also boy’s clothes, but with fewer option. Yes, girls are still in power! I am thrilled to see so many models and colors at such good prices. When I myself will have a girl, this is the place where I want to get her clothes from. Because I can choose from many, many things. And even babies grow up very fast, you can afford taking a lot of sets.

Matching sets mother-daughter

I am definetly ordering at least one of these for my cousin and my niece. I am in love with matching sets, they look so cute and I think you can get one for every ocassion in your life. On Popopieshop you can find a variety of models, patterns and colors and you can sure find the desired sizes.

On mommy and me outfits you can find a lot of similar dresses, but not only. Even though these are the most beautiful. I liked a lot these green dresses, they are light and awesome for summer days. But I have also found some matching T-Shirts that I love, with Minnie.

Also, you can find matching sets with baby bodies. These are so cute, so tiny and so colorful! You just need time to search and choose just some clothes. I bet you won’t be able to stay at just one set.

I would recommend Popopieshop because of the variety. It has lots of pretty clothes and a lot of offers. Plus, in this period you cand find important sales! Have you seen already all the sets they are selling? Which one do you like most?

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